Elemental Senses

February 24, 2014

Earth: Walking barefoot through grass, the rich tangy smell of it, the way it tickles the soles of my feet, and wriggles between my toes, leaving its kiss of green on my skin. Laying on sun warmed sand, its heat wrapping me like a blanket as it copies and holds my form in a head to toe embrace. Climbing a trail and knowing all the others that have trod there before me, hearing the rocks skip and clatter if I scuff them, thinking of all the other ears sharing their music with me, unseen, but presence felt.


Air: A cool breeze on a hot day, combing and lifting the tendrils of my hair, caressing my skin gently like a Mother’s hand. My breath as I practice yoga or meditate, or exercise vigorously….in and out like a bellows, delivering life to the fire that I am. A strident and eerie song during a winter storm, lashing trees, slapping shutters, directing rain or sleet or snow, and finding routes to whistle and moan through as I lay wrapped in a warm blanket.


Fire: Beautiful flames, like tiny tongues flickering at tips of candles. Roaring in a fireplace, or a bonfire, mesmerizing in the myriad colors and patterns displayed, radiant heat like a balm on my chilled limbs. Our sun, majestic, beautiful, life giving and sustaining, golden and dancing surface so fierce and turbulent, like a fiery sea. Passions burn brightly within me and swiftly die to embers, until I fan them again to a blaze. Love is a carefully tended and steadily dancing flame, which I must let flow like lava, hot and thick and steady.


Water: Ocean waves crashing against the beach, a lullaby for all the ages. Ever changing, yet ever the same, rocking, gently cresting and relaxing….or angry, with behemoth waves like ancient beasts raging and punishing on behalf of Gods and Goddesses forgotten and unmourned. Swimming, skimming through water caressing me like another skin, all senses aside from touch are muted as I glide. Soaking in a tub, washing away cares and stress and granting me a few sacred minutes of peace. Dancing in the rain! The water flowing over my upturned face, splashing up from the ground to glisten on clothing or bare skin, dripping in tickling trails back to the thirsty ground, leaving the Earth smelling clean, and all colors at their brightest.



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