Dear Mom

May 12, 2015

 Dear Mom,


When I think of you, I remember all the nights you sang in your lovely voice, as we settled in to bed. You sang to all six of us, and for me, it began a legacy that I passed to my daughters, and that they, in turn, have passed to their daughters and sons. Those words, ‘Evenings when I go to sleep…..’ wrapped us in the warmth and depth of your love and your faith.


There are all the Christmases where the house was filled with the aromas of cookies and fudge and divinity, and the counter would fill with plate after plate of all these delectable confections as our eyes and bellies anticipated the first bite. You always made certain each of us had our favorite.


We used to be so excited when you were buffing the floor in the family room, as you would drag us all around on a blanket, while we squealed and giggled and vied for the best spot.


I loved watching you do your exercises with Jack LaLanne……you did these funny face exercises, and I thought I would be sure to do them when I grew up because that must be what made you so beautiful.


When I was ill, there was absolutely nothing that made me feel better than you holding my head in your lap, and your soft cool fingers stroking my temples, and combing through my hair.


Your hair swept up into an elegant French twist as you tottered on sky high heels, and the excitement I sensed when you and Dad were heading out on a date night, or a party at the neighbor’s place, you were like a Princess in a fairy tale. In my eyes you were the most lovely woman on Earth.


And here we are. So many many years down our paths in life. Thank you, Mama. Thank you for giving me life, for loving me and my brothers and sisters with everything your heart can hold. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made, for all the pain you suffered, and for sharing in our pain and in our joy every single day of our lives.


In short, I love you. I love you for all you are, for all you have been and for all you have yet to become. I wish you good health, strong spirit, much love, and deep joy.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.


Loving You,






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